Denim Revisited

23 October 2016

So we’ve done embroidery, we’ve done fraying and we’ve done tassels – what’s next for denim? Why, patches and panels, of course. Revisiting denim this autumn, the experimentation with shape and pattern isn’t going to slow down any time soon, and the babes at Dorothy Perkins have got heaps of new in pieces that will fulfil all of your denim dreams.

As the weather gets colder, we’ve all started to buzz with the excitement of pulling in new coats, jackets and knitwear, ready to bundle up as the nights draw in and moan like fuck about how much we miss summer. The straight jeans/maxi coat combo is something we’ll be seeing a lot of in the coming months, with it being the latest nod to cool girl, effortless dressing.

Jeans - Dorothy Perkins*
Coat - Dorothy Perkins
Shirt - Dorothy Perkins*

Although the puffa jacket is set to be the coat of the season, maxi and midi coats are classic pieces that bypass trend status and are guaranteed to set you up each and every AW. Paired with a white shirt – as I have here – longer length coats are smartened up and the tailored shape takes centre stage. This makes them perfect for those perilous journeys into the office during the week, but they also harness the ability to be dressed down with a tee for weekend wear.

As we start to transition into winter, I typically find myself folding up my jeans and easing them into hibernation, replaced by tailored trousers and woollen culottes. However, denim seems to still be having such a huge *moment*, that my shopping fingers have yet to stop and new pieces are continuing to find their way into my wardrobe. Patchwork and panelled jeans are the culprits that are currently stealing my heart, with the combination of multi-tonal shades updating the summer blues and giving them an AW refresh. And what’s an AW look without black boots?

Fancy picking up some new season Dorothy Perkins pieces? Shop the look below:

This post was sponsored by Dorothy Perkins, but everything you've seen and read above is 100% genuine CP.

Deep Breath - You Have Time

16 October 2016

 About a month ago, I half-vented, half wrote a post about having no idea what I was doing with my life and expressing the endless frustration at people telling me to “just buy a house” instead of renting. It was a brain dump of sorts, but it was a brain dump that many of you guys resonated with. It was so refreshing to read through the comments; some of you were experiencing similar feelings, with others having gone through it, came out of it and regretted nothing. Best of all were the sass queens instructing me to go with my gut feeling, a piece of advice that that can never be underestimated.

Blouse - Zara
Culottes - Missguided*
Jacket  - Missguided
Shoes - Zara
Necklace - H&M
Bag - Mango

After reading through the comments and having enjoyed multiple beautifully written posts of a similar ilk by the babe that is Sophie Milner (, I started thinking about how rushed we are to decide how we’re going to do everything, all before we’ve had a chance to experience – well, much of anything. To give you some background on my situation, I went to uni for four years and I’m now back living with my grandparents, trying to juggle my blog and my job and deciding exactly how everything will balance out going forward. Until May, I won’t have even been back at work for a year, yet I feel an overarching – if not always verbalised – pressure to know. Know when I’m going to do this, how I’m going to do that, where I will be in 5 years and if my credit rating will be as good as my Uber rating (poor joke, that I do know).

At the same time as we’re supposed to be saving for a mortgage and plotting our ascent up the career ladder, we’re also supposed to be fulfilling the role of the reckless traveller, exploring the globe and shagging a lad from Sheffield after a Full Moon Party in Thailand.  ‘That’s what your twenties are for!’, we’re told, ‘For being irresponsible and reckless! For enjoying yourself! For having no worries and no commitments!’ Yet in the same breath, we also being told that house prices are only going to keep rising and shouldn’t you open an ISA? And London may be expensive but really, the best job opportunities are there so consider a move now or regret it.

At the same time as coming to terms with my incomprehensible student debt and the never-ending interest trail that will follow me as if I were a giant, post-grad slug, I’m also supposed to be drinking it up and spending like crazy before the REAL WORLD comes and bites me in the ass.

Entertaining a slight tangent, can we just talk about the infamous REAL WORLD that promises to pounce on every young person without prior warning? When are we fully initiated into the ‘real world’? Does it come when we wake up at 5am for the soul-destroying Next sale, purchasing magnolia lampshades and “inspirational” wall quotes we don’t need? Or does it come when we’re hassling BT every weekend for a better deal on our broadband? Or does it simply come when there is somebody around us, young enough to be condescended to? My tax returns, direct debits, rent payments and long-term love/hate relationship with Virgin Media all seem to scream ‘real world’ status, but I’m still waiting for the stamp of approval from somebody who wears a North Face jacket every day.

But fucking deep breath, because there is no rush. As much as we’re told we must be living recklessly whilst planning to have it all, we should be living to our own timelines, and not those forced upon us. Whilst I want to say that I’m so obsessed with building a career that I don’t make enough time to have fun, the reality is that I’m so scared of not building a career, everything else gets pushed aside. I can’t go out and get pissed on a Saturday night, because what if I’m too hungover to shoot on Sunday and I get set back a week? Will I miss opportunities that could lead to progression? Am I putting the brakes on building my future? Everything feels 100 miles per hour, but I, as much as anybody else in the same situation, just need to remember that there is time. And I don’t have a plan. And I probably won’t for a while – if ever. Let’s just hope when I’m finally welcomed into the ‘real world’, it doesn’t come as too much of a shock…


13 October 2016

There comes a special moment in a lot of fashion lovers’ lives, when their first designer bag enters their wardrobe. For me, that time came last week. I’ve had to keep this collaboration under wraps even though I’ve been dying from excitement, but finally I can show you my beautiful Black Lanvin Sugar Shoulder Bag, courtesy of the babes at BrandAlley. Never have I coveted an item so much – I am officially in love (sorry Keiran).

Jumper - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - Mango
Bag - BrandAlley*


Unsurprisingly, I went classic. This was a unique opportunity for me so I wanted to select a piece that was going to be versatile, chic and endlessly timeless. The Black Lanvin Sugar Bag fitted the bill perfectly. I believe this is the medium model, featuring a fold over top and double compartment center, with gold hardware and double tassel detailing. Quietly amping up the glamour factor is the gold hardware chain, with – thank god – an insert at the top to protect your shoulder from the dreaded attack of the overloaded bag. Lastly, but certainly not least, the iconic Lanvin name makes the most gentle of statements by taking center stage. *le sigh*

But how to debut my first designer bag?! The pressure was most certainly on when it came to choosing the outfit to shoot with, but thankfully I’d just had a Zara delivery that morning so it wasn’t such a meltdown moment. In a move that will no doubt shock those that have been following me for a while, I opted for a skirt over trousers or culottes or jeans or any other type of bottomwear that covers both of my legs. I remember peplum having a moment when I had just turned 18 – mostly because I once wore a bright yellow gold peplum dress on a night out (I was young, please don’t hold it over me) – but I thought the trend had been relegated to the realms of fashion disasters to remain unvisited.

How wrong I was (shocking – I know). Following the frill-hem lovefest that was SS16, peplum has come back in a wonderful way and I couldn’t resist this Zara number. The fabric is quite thick so paired with tights, this piece is perfect for switching up your winter wardrobe if you’re sick of jeans and trousers. The layered up oversized knit compliments the slim fit of the skirt, keeping it casj enough to wear to work and during the day if you’re not a gal for glamour.

Add a pair of this season’s favourite loafers, and et voila – *insert something witty about Parisian vibes here*. But I’m not even going to play it cool – I COULD BE WEARING A SACK AND THIS BAG WOULD STILL LOOK AMAZING. For somebody who worked on a burger van aged 13 to fund unreasonable Primark splurges, styling this up was a special fashion moment for me.

If you haven’t heard of BrandAlley, then here’s the skinny. BrandAlley are a designer outlet and flash sale facilitator, making hundreds of designer items available to you at a fraction of the original cost. You have to be quick though - stock changes regularly so if you want to catch a good deal and nab the bag you’ve been lusting over for years *cough*me*cough*, then it’s worth bookmarking the site to keep up to date with all of the latest additions. I don’t know about you, but a second Lanvin babe to keep my current honey company wouldn’t go amiss…

Mansions, Designer Goodies and FOOD: #TheOne Farfetch

9 October 2016

If you follow me on Instagram, then this isn’t going to be much of a big reveal. Unsurprisingly, I Instagrammed the crap out of this amazing opportunity, but now I finally get to give you the scoop on the behind the scenes action at #TheOne Retreat with Farfetch. It’s all Ascot mansions, designer goodies and total food porn, so if you’re feeling dreamy, then keep reading.

Tee - ASOS White
Jeans - Nudie
YSL Belt - Farfetch*
Comme des Garçons Wallet - Farfetch
Bag - Mango



 The day started EARLY. I had to meet the Farfetch team and my fellow blogging gals at around 8:30am in London, and living in Ipswich, I had to set my alarm for the ungodly time of 5.a.m. Still, when I rocked up to the station at 20 past 6 in the morning the coffee shop was open (note to self: avoid working in a coffee shop at all costs) so I had good reason to pick up the largest coffee known to man. Fast forward two hours and I was standing in London Victoria, surrounded by bloggers and the Farfetch team, especially happy to recognise two friendly faces in Sabina and Lucinda who I've been following for a while!

Farfetch had organised a coach for us from the station, the lavishness of which was a good indication of the day to come. My coach history consists of buses one step above the MegaBus; this coach had a coffee machine, seats arranged around tables, a freakin’ oven and even a snug at the very back. A snug, guys.

Upon arrival we popped on our Farfetch slippers and sat down for a quick presentation about #TheOneCampaign, with the team talking us through what it means to find that one, special item that sets your fashion heart on fire. Stomachs rumbling, we then tucked into a breakfast array of everything from pastries to fruit salads, with copious amounts of tea and fresh orange juice to boot. We sat outside on the patio, chatting about work, friends, life, clothes – before the best interruption of all interruptions came in the form of gifting.

Given the choice a few weeks earlier, I had opted for the most beautiful YSL Monogram Buckle Belt and a Comme des Garçons wallet as a little extra. After papping these for myself, I headed up to the master bedroom (wahey) with the extremely talented Kaye Ford to shoot. Cue some lounging in luxury from me and a snoop around the top level, and hey presto, your gurl was ready for the afternoon.

The shoot by Kaye Ford Photography


Shop the look


After we’d all finished our mini-shoots with the photographers on hand (the other of which was the wonderful Victoria Metaxas), there was more chatting and wandering and photo snapping before lunch was served. When I RSVPd I had totally forgotten to mention that I’m a vegetarian, but I had nothing to worry about – there was a huge selection of DE-LICIOUS goodies, many of which were veggie and vegan! This was the first time that vegan sushi entered my life, and it won’t be the last. We even had a glass of bubbles to see us through, so a pretty successful lunch by all accounts.

Once we were all stuffed to the brim, the treatment room was opened. Offering 15 minute massages, hair styling and manicures, it was literally a little slice of Farfetch heaven. Me being me, I naturally loitered around the room all afternoon so I could volunteer myself for all three things, finally having my first massage which was UNBELIEVABLE. If it had been even 15 minutes longer, I’m sure I would have been asleep.

The rest of the afternoon flew by, with cake being served, conversations being had and many, many cups of tea up for grabs. The settings were beautiful, the team – unsurprisingly – beyond wonderful and the bloggers so lovely, that I left feeling glad I hadn’t chickened out of the all-day event. If I don't know anybody else attending an event, I typically turn it down. I even wrote a post about dodging blogging events (read it here!), but by pushing myself to venture outside of my comfort zone, I had an amazing day, learned a lot and met a whole bunch of new and inspiring people.

I even learned that blog posts should be around 700 words. Well, ‘thank you Farfetch’ makes it 700-and something. Check out #TheOne campaign here, and TREAT YO SELF.

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