What I Did | Amsterdam Day Two

Woohoo, second day Amsterdam! So I finally got round to editing the pictures and looking at them now makes me feel a little bit nostalgic (even though it was only last week huehuehue). 

We started the day with waffles and orange juice at a nearby café, and honestly, if you like sweet treats, Amsterdam is the place to be. There are pancakes and waffles EVERYWHERE, buffered by all types of pastries smothered in cream. I freakin' love waffles and pancakes, but even for me they were a bit of a sugar overload. Do we have restaurants dedicated to just pancakes? If not, I feel that should be a thing. Somebody make that a thing please, and soon. 

After that we headed to Anne Frank's house but unfortunately the queue was so insane that we had to give it a miss. Maybe if we were staying a little longer we could have afforded to while away a few hours in line, but since we were leaving the next day we decided to move on to Plan B and hop on a boat for a canal tour. It's probably one of the most relaxing things I have ever done; combine a gentle rocking motion with an open top boat, warm sunshine and the sound of rolling water and you've got a certified lullaby going on. I'm pretty sure all three of us nodded off at some point or another (pro tourist level approaching 100, wow). When I managed to wake myself up, I headed out to the back of the boat which was completely open and just enjoyed the moment. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, and the canal tour was a truly picturesque way to discover places our legs couldn't quite manage to take us.

Deciding we needed a bit of a pick-me-up, we grabbed some Pink Mojitos and a spot of lunch. I'd like to say that holidays are a great excuse for early alcohol, but I'm feeling fairly partial to a cocktail right now to be quite honest with you (#toobad4u). Then I, as chief navigator and pro map reader, navigated us to the Vondelpark, which turns out to be just a park. A couple of people had mentioned it to the girls and recommended it as a must visit, but honestly, it is literally just a park. Am I missing something? To the people familiar with Suffolk, it reminded me of Christchurch. Great for spotting hipsters, but possibly not a tourist attraction (in my humble opinion, anyway). 

To finish off the day I forced the girls to accompany me to the I Amsterdam letters. I would like to shout out to all the tall/acrobatic/freakish people that manage to clamber to the top of the letters. Those buggers are big, and you, my friends, are everyday heroes. 

Amsterdam turned out to be a real mixed pot, covering everything from the surreal to hilarious to the downright beautiful in only two days. There's so much more to see and I know I'll be heading back someday, if only to take my Mum to the sex museum to see her reaction. Well, I guess her 50th birthday is coming up...


  1. i recently visited amsterdam too and also hopped on a canal boat tour after discovering the ridiculously long anne frank house queue! it really is one of the most efficient ways of getting around though if you want to travel fairly quickly and see lots of the city :) lovely pictures, they're definitely making me miss the beautiful canals and delicious pastries!

    robyn x

  2. I would love to go to Amsterdam, it looks so pretty and perfect for a weekend break!
    Your pictures are gorgeous, looks like you had a fantastic time. xx

    Jessie at All Things Beautiful - X

  3. Amsterdam sounds amazing. I have wanted to visit for ages now ♥ and just yeah. Take me with you the next time you go!
    mortem blonde

  4. Amsterdam is such a beautiful city! I managed to get into to Anne Frank's house- worth a visit if you go back x
    eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog


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