Figleaves Secret Santa

PJ Set - c/o Figleaves

Can I just say that in rl I actually hate Secret Santa because I can be a bit of a scrooge, and I'd rather give someone a fiver to spend on a bottle of crap wine than buy them a Nivea gift set that they'll never use. Miserable openings aside, I fucking love Blogger Secret Santa's. It's so much better than the usual because you get to spend time choosing something your gift-ee will (hopefully) love, and it's that little bit more exciting because you get paired with an absolute sass queen and not your mate's boyfriend Kevin (fuck you Kevin). My secret santa victim was the unbelievably beautiful, super sassy and seriously smart queen that Amy from Salt and Chic (read her post here). I love her x100 so I was so happy to have her (sounds weird doesn't it?). I spent absolutely ages trawling the website and finally decided on this Lana Pure Silk PJ Set by Figleaves themselves. The set is absolutely stunning and I feel like luxury pyjamas are a real treat, especially at Christmas time. Amy and I have pretty similar styles so I had my fingers crossed that she would love this set as much as me, and thank fuck, she did!

Bra - c/o Figleaves
Thong - c/o Figleaves

Now the absolute BABE that is Sinead from Love Style Mindfulness (read her post here) was my Secret Santa gift giver and damnnnn dat girl did good. It's so funny because she messaged me on Twitter like 'I'm the only one who chose underwear, sorry for sending you a thong' but honestly, I have never had a thong that makes my arse look so good so thank you Sinead, thank you from my butt cheeks (this post is getting so weird). Honestly though, who doesn't want to receive L'Agent Provocateur? I was a very happy girl when I opened the gift (which was beautifully wrapped, may I add, but I opened it in Starbucks because I have literally 0 self control). 

If you want to check out the pieces that all of the other bloggers received, have a read of the Figleaves online mag here, and make sure to let me know which bits are your fave!


  1. This post was so sassy I loved it. What you picked out for Amy is gorgeous, but then again that bra and thong combo is just so pretty!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  2. What a nice idea! Both picks were gorgeous, it's a win-win!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. Such a sassy post, I damn love it (poor kevin!), seriously though both these set are absolutely gorgeous!

    Dana ||

  4. Both gifts are so lovely, I would absolutely love to be given either of these!x

  5. Ah this is a lovely secret santa! The pjs look so gorgeous and soft and the lace lingerie set looks so lovely. So funny that you opened this in Starbucks haha, hope you didn't get any weird stares :) x
    Charlotte's Road

  6. Both of these are absolutely beautiful. I love buying my friends underwear, gotta make your homies look and feel good. Gorgeous pictures as well!


  7. This is the best secret santa I've seen! Everything is so stunning!

    Emma Xx

  8. Everything looks so cute and chic !


  9. This is the best kind of secret santa! Some very good choosing too! x


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