Shop It: Best High Street Lingerie & Nightwear

Time to refresh your lingerie and step up your PJ game? Buying new underwear and nightwear for yourself always feels like the biggest treat evaaaaaa (well, that and expensive perfume you know you should be reserving for your birthday), but scouring the web for the best bits and pieces can be a bit of a drudge. Well fear ye not, young one! I've browsed all of the big boy sites and picked out my fave high street lingerie and nightwear in the hopes that I can save you a little time and you can find something you love. And the best bit? Just click the image of the pieces you like, and you'll be taken straight through to the product page. Et voila - treats for you!


  1. YES buying cute underwear is the ultimate cure for shitty moods

    Yige- a blog

  2. Like the first photo :)
    Maria V.

  3. Buying lingerie is such a big weakness of mine and this post has just got me, dammit! Love it!

  4. I swear every post you put up makes me want to buy shit. However I do need to replace some pyjamas and lounge wear asap. Great post.


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