Valentines Lingerie Edit 05 | ELB Handmade

Okay okay okay, I know Valentines has technically come and gone but I've had so much beautiful lingerie to shoot that it was hard to squish it all in before the big day! When it comes to lingerie, I find the best pieces are often sourced from small, independent boutiques headed by one or two super creative and lovely individuals. ELB Handmade is the perfect example; with all of the pieces designed and handmade by Emma herself, the lingerie is delicate, beautiful, and decidedly special. I opted for the above three bralettes (being a greedy bastarda) and I love them all. And do you know what makes them even more perfect? The price point - the majority (if not all) of the pieces are between £10-£20, so you can really afford to TREAT YO'SELF. Bloody big thumbs up from me.

Slight disclaimer: I'm a lil' bit pissed writing this, so if there are any glaring typos or strange sentences, apologies. It's the wine, not me.

Extra disclaimer: The individual pieces might say Sold Out on the site/on Instagram, but if you message Emma you can both discuss getting the pieces made to order. Et voila - sassiness!

Black bralette - c/o ELB Handmade
White bralette - c/o ELB Handmade
Rose bralette - c/o ELB Handmade


  1. I fricking love this series because I have a new found obsession with lingerie especially bralettes

    Yige- a blog

  2. I've loved this series, made me fall in love with so many beautiful pieces of lingerie

    Emily x |

  3. You look great !


  4. Love this collection ! So pretty lingerie <3


  5. Pretty lingerie to match the model

    Robyn xx

  6. I think I say this every time I comment on your blog, but you are a goddess! Bralettes and I usually don't get along very well because they are always too small, but you rock these! and congrats to the designer for her talent!


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