Are We Too Obsessed With Instagram Themes?

It's Sunday, I have a dissertation deadline looming plus a seriously long list of shit I need to get done. Instead of cracking on, I get up, wash, dry and curl my hair, apply my make-up (complete with beautiful highlight) and pack a bag to the brim with beautiful clothes. It's blog shooting day, and thank fuck it's not raining.

My ever-suffering Mum has agreed to help me, so she picks me up and we head towards the road that I always shoot down. It has three different usable backdrops that I alternate between, a place to park and so, also, a place to get changed. Not so fast though hun - ROAD CLOSED. Shit, shit, shit. My Mum and I try a couple of different locations that we think could work, but all either end up in us needing cash to park (neither of us have any on), or being surrounded by bastardy civilians enjoying their Sundays. So selfish.

Long story short, we spend about 2 and a half hours not getting anything done and having to go back home totally down-trodden and deflated. I'm especially stressed because I know I'll have to factor shooting these outfits into the rest of my week, and I don't really have the time. Cue stress levels x 1000, and a very unhappy girl.

Whilst detailing this story helps me vent my shitty day, it also brings into question why I'm so picky about my shoot locations, and why I nearly throw up every time somebody suggests that I take photos in front of a red brick building. "What about this building?" my mum asks as we drive past the reddest of red bricks I've even seen in my life. "NO WARM TONES WOMAN," I bark back, "WHITE, BLUE, PINK, MINT GREEN, BUT NO RED." This is followed by her asking why I can't just take them in my back garden (vomit) or in front of a white plastic door. 

If you're a fashion blogger, then you know that the backdrop plays hugely into the aesthetic that you're trying to get across. The white Chelsea houses with beautiful black railings are the absolute peak of locations at the moment, because they're clean, minimal and they look expensive. Any outfit looks good in front of them. The other thing is, they look really good on Instagram.

I haven't got the willpower to stick to an exclusively monochrome Instagram; I opt for cooler tones, and as long as something doesn't look way out of place, I'm happy to whack the temperature and saturation down and then upload. But are we too obsessed with out Instagram feeds? My day could have been hugely different if I was happy to shoot in front of red brick buildings or some kind of park area, but I know what I want and I don't want to compromise on quality. Realistically I probably am a bit too obsessed and sometimes I do get annoyed with myself for not uploading cute pics just because they don't fit the theme, but when it comes to outfit shots, I think the background is super important.

That being said, the amount of photos I have deleted in retrospect because I thought my feed looked disordered is ridiculous. Even if the pictures are well received and people seem to like them, if they stick out and don't blend into the theme, they gotta go. Deleting content that people like for the sake of it all blending in is surely obsessive, right?

Yet on the other hand, when new potential followers find your Instagram page, they're going to be looking for a certain aesthetic and sense of style. This doesn't mean you have to keep everything bright, white and minimal (unless that's your look), but having some kind of continuity (same filter, same sort of backgrounds, same colour tone) is visually pleasing and cultivates a particular style. So in this sense you have to be a bit obsessive, to ensure your social channels keep growing.

How obsessed is too obsessed? Where is the line, and how do we tread it with feigned casualness and an air of 'I don't really care'? Well, impossible question. If we're deleting popular photos retrospectively to re-order our feed then maybe we've pushed it too far, but being picky in order to achieve the aesthetic you're aiming to create? You're alright babes.


  1. I have this dilemma all the time, it's such a tricky one. Sometimes I have a reality check and have to remind myself that it reeeally isn't that important, but then if my instagram feed looks disjointed it irritates me. I've come to conclusion that instagram is a bit of fun and that there's no shame in being a little picky! As long as it doesn't get crazy I agree, being a little fussy is fine x

  2. Haha I just loved reading this post! I totally agree with you - the backgrounds have to be perfect :) And of course it's always this thing with having a nice Instagram feed. But don't worry, you're not the only one ;)
    I hope you've still had a great Sunday!
    xx, Carmen -

  3. I feel you on this one, I wish I had a coherent Instagram page, and I used to at some point, but I feel like it's becoming too much work and taking away the fun of it. But at the same time, when my feed is a mess, I feel sort of lost, haha. It's weird.

    Lina /

  4. This is interesting and a funny read! I totally see Instagram as a project, although I don't worry about the same filter etc I can definitely see where you're coming from.

    Hannah | Oh January

  5. Loved reading this post and I definitely agree, I don't think there's any harm in being a little obsessed with your Instagram theme - I also find it really annoying when one picture sticks out from the rest! Also agree about blog photo backgrounds, they're so important- I wish I could be more creative with mine!

    Millie x | Millie’s Wardrobe

  6. Loved this post, so well, written (even though it's all a true story) and did make me question my own sanity when taking Completely agree with everything.
    Though, I can't really comment on what's too obsessed, as I reckon we've all pretty much passed that :p


  7. I so feel you on this. I'm so obsessed with making sure I get black/white photos and that the colours that are in them 'fit' with my Instagram and blog. I get SO stressed (and I mean like angry) if I can't shoot something right, or where I want and it's so unnecessary when you think about it haha!

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  8. I have to say I'm actually the opposite.. yes I do have a shoot location in mind but it usually depends on the theme of my outfit (i dont have a style genre and pretty much try anything!) for example if its tomboyish or a fun outfit I dont mind shooting somewhere abit gritty or if its a girly outfit I'll shoot in a park or garden and thats pretty much my only guidelines I follow. My insta feed is a mess but i seriously couldnt be bothered with how the images look when in my feed! I feel that it adds a hint of realism with that also include my daily life stuff in with fashion but I think its better as it shows my life isn't glossy so could then maybe been seen as more relatable to someone and I'm not trying hard and stressing over making things perfect! dunno, just my opinion! some feeds I see are amazin on insta tho where they do all match but I know personally I couldnt stick to it! :) x

  9. I love this post! I think it's nice to have a "pretty" feed but it's more important to share your life and memories without worrying too much about whether it messes up your page. I try and achieve a balance of both xx

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  11. I think most of us, whether big or small bloggers (or minute like me!), become a bit obsessed with our feeds! But in a way, I quite like that so many of us Insta users now curate such interesting feeds. I love discovering new profiles all the time and gain so much inspiration from them. And putting photos together that 'go' is actually a mini achievement for me! That being said, it definitely is time consuming and finding places to shoot can sometimes be an absolute nightmare! Your photos always look fab though, and I still reckon your photos would look amazing in front of a red brick wall :)

    Josie x

  12. This is such a good post! It really infuriates me if one of my pictures don't look right on my feed, I just feel as though everything is out of place! x

    Abi | abistreetx

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  14. I wish I had a theme on mine (that's probably why people don't seem to like it) but the fact is I love colours so much that I can't keep a theme, everytime I try, it doesn't last long, some old pictures are super oversaturated and it makes me sick to see them (what was I thinking ?!!!) but since it's there and I like those pics, well... I don't really pay much attention to it. I wish I was but I don't. Sure, even I tend to follow clean account so I can get the obsession. Maybe I'd need to try for my own when I'll got better pictures to pick. ;) Yours is really pretty with its cool tone.


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