New Obsession Alert: Blue Denim and the #PerfectPair

Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, straight leg jeans - whatever they're called, if they aren't skinny jeans, I always have to think twice. I love the look of a looser leg jean and you guys will have seen me wearing blue denim to death lately, but being so short and with thicker thighs, often relaxed fits are tight at the top and baggy at the bottom. This means I can very easily look like I have tree trunks for legs. That being said, I haven't found a pair of jeans that I've loved so much as these Pretty Little Thing Kendall Jeans in a long time (makes sense the relevant hashtag is #PerfectPair then!).

Available in a light blue and mid-blue wash, these high waisted mom jeans are rip-free (such a rarity these days) with a soft bleaching effect on the front and rolled up hem (you can roll them down, they aren't stitched). Nothing looks more carefully careless than the stiletto heels/mom jean combo, and whilst here I've gone for that 100% in my fave Pretty Little Thing lace up mules, normally I would wear pointed loafers or a pair of all white superstars for comfortable cool.

Blue denim seems to be really having a revival at the moment as we all move away from (but desperately still covet) our black skinnies, and I for one, am in. Lately all I've been bulking out my wardrobe with is blue denim, whether that's in the form of relaxed jeans or cute playsuits and dungarees for S/S. I always feared lighter washes would accentuate the wonderfully chunky nature of my legs, and whilst undoubtedly softer blues aren't as flattering as carbon black, they're still pretty darn cute. If you haven't got a decent pair of denim blues in your wardrobe, then it's about time you picked up your #PerfectPair, don't you think?

Sweatshirt - c/o PrettyLittleThing
White smock - c/o Boohoo
Jeans - c/o PrettyLittleThing
Heels - c/o PrettyLittleThing


  1. This outfit is something I would wear it's very well put together xo!

  2. Love this outfit, you look amazing! I'm now pretty convinced I need those jeans in my life too <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  3. Those jeans look so nice and I love your heels!

    Millie x | Millie’s Wardrobe

  4. Very nice look ! I love the shoes !


  5. I love the heels! Great outfit! X

  6. Love this outfit! Obsessed with denim too at the moment!
    Sophie xx

  7. Love your layering on the top half xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  8. I love this outfit and the shade of the jeans!

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  9. I love your style and those jeans are fab

    Davina @ x

  10. Obsessed with the styling of the flared sleeves hun xx

  11. You always make every outfit look amazing. I am loving the shoes x

    Abi | abistreetx

  12. YESSS those jeans are fab! I love my mom/boyfriend jeans which I got last year from Urban Outfitters and they're like the only jeans I've got with no rips haha! Also digging the shirt/jumper combo.

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  13. Those jeans look awesome on you! Especially with the heels - definitely a winning combo. Also totally feeling the blue denim as well recently, I never thought I would be but I am so over my black pairs

    Sophie | Something Cosmic


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