Coffee scrub for acne? #thefrankeffect

We all know that the frank body scrubs are perfect for pre-tanning prep, but did you also know that they are one of the best kept acne treatment secrets? Well, here's a heads up. 

I don't suffer from severe acne, but my skin is far from flawless. Large pores, breakouts and uneven skin tone/texture are problems I struggle with daily, so when a product comes along that promises to target all of these areas, I'm understandably skeptical. I've used frank body plenty before, primarily on my body as a tan prepper and leg smoother. I'd previously heard about it's effect on acne, but I'm a tried and tested kind of girl - I like to see results myself before I believe the hype.

So, what's the deal? Well frank body scrub is 100% caffeinated, naturally derived and totally Australian (anything Australian is instantly way cooler, you know it's the truth). There are no nasties involved in the way of parabens, PEGs, phthalates, sulphates, silicones or any other scientific thingies we know are bad for us but don't actually know why. And the best bit? Not a single frank body product is ever tested of animals. Happy bunnies, happy humans.

So now you know what's not involved and what frank doesn't do, let's talk about what he does do. Obviously due to the granules, coffee is a great exfoliator, but did you know coffee has the same pH level as your skin, so it won't damage or dry it out? This is obviously great for anybody with facial skin problems, but caffeine is also high in antioxidants and stimulates blood flow. Both of these help target skin conditions and kick the asses of free radicals, the culprits for a lot of skin imperfections. All in all, coffee is the dream product for battling acne. So how did I use frank, and what did he do to me?

Straight up, I of course went ahead and scrubbed myself from head to toe with frank. I've used this product many times before and I love it (despite how messy it can get in the shower - be prepared to be washing away the coffee granules for a few minutes after you're all buffed out!). Not only does it leave you incredibly smooth, it smells divine and the pouch lasts forever. If you're doing one big body scrub a week and then a mini facial one every other day, you're looking at least 1-2 months of use. Worth every penny. 

Using frank up top is simple. Just wet your face, grab a small amount of product and rub it into the skin in small, circular motions. You don't have to be rough with it - just make sure all the areas you want buffed have had a good amount of TLC, and then you're ready to wash off. I follow up with serum and moisturiser, but you can compliment the exfoliation however you like, dependent on your typical routine. I've been using the scrub every other day, and I've seen some great results. My blemishes have died down, my redness has subsided and my skin is super smooth, meaning that my make-up applies much better as well as my fake tan.

And if you don't believe me, head over to frank's Instagram to #thefrankeffect in full swing. Get scrubbing, ladies and gents!


  1. I keep hearing about coffee scrubs and am yet to try them, this sounds divine!

    P.s love the photos :)

  2. I'm always hearing about coffee scrubs but I'm yet to try them, I never really thought about using them on your face to help fight acne, I'm going to have to give it a go now!

  3. I heard this product is very nice !


  4. Frank's Body coffee scrub is my favourite body scrub! I love your review :) x

  5. The other cool thing about coffee scrubs is that synthetic microgranules that tend to appear in other scrubs do not biodegrade and are causing a real issue to the world's waterways (see here:; whereas coffee will just disintegrate. x

  6. These scrubs felt soft and wearable right out of the package. I ordered scrub tops in white and I'm really happy. My ideal size would be between the small and medium in the same brand pants which I like a lot, too.


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