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Over the past year, my skincare regime has been turned on its head. That’s probably because it’s not difficult to improve on nothing. Previously, I used to wash my face in the shower with water, apply moisturiser and then dive into my make-up routine. In the evening, it all came off with make-up wipes and, as far as I was concerned, I was done. Admittedly, it was cheap, but it was hardly effective. My skin problems vary, thanks to the wonder that is combination skin. From oily to dry, with large pores and the occasional breakout, there’s now one thing I always try to give me skin in order to keep it as tip-top as possible – hydration.

A lot of people with oily skin think that adding moisture will make their problems worse. FALSE (hope that The Office fans amongst you appreciate that reference). Dehydrated skin can over-produce oil, so it’s important to keep the skin hydrated to avoid making the problem worse. Moisturiser also refines the skin texture and helps to minimise pores, reducing the risk of breakouts and blackheads. Oil-free moisturisers also help to guarantee that the right type of moisture is going into your skin – only the good stuff.

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Neutrogena’s new Hydro Boost range helps to target a range of skin problems, whilst challenging people to re-think their typical hydration routine. For me, skincare regimes have to be simple. I could be told that a certain 7-step process guarantees to totally clear skin, but I don’t have the time or patience to be washing my face five times in one evening. Ease and effectiveness are key, and Neutrogena have released a range of products in their Hydro Boost range to allow individuals to tailor their routine to their own preference. Whatever the routine, for me, the end game is always the same – supple, hydrated skin despite tiredness, polluted air and the increasingly terrible weather.

The Hydro Boost range aims to leave skin so hydrated, that much like the modern woman, it bounces back. Whether a small set-back (i.e. a long, testing day at work or one of those days where you just seem to drop everything) or a larger one, I often find that what I really need is a moment to breath and decompress. This may be followed by an ice-cream binge or very, very long nap, but ultimately, I pick myself up and move on. The Hydro Boost range looks to mirror this ability to always bounce back with your skin, giving you one less thing to worry about in your inevitably busy lifestyle.

The range consists of a number of items. The Cleansing Facial Wipes are an obvious winner for me, as they are quick, easy and perfect for travelling. I’m also a huge fan of the Hydro Boost Micellar Water; micellar water always makes me skin feel *that* much cleaner than a wipe can achieve, and after a few wipes, my skin feels instantly refreshed. The Water Gel Cleanser has found its way into my shower and as such has slotted into my morning routine with ease. Whilst I’m in the shower and my conditioner is soaking in, I simply massage this is all over my face and wipe away with a flannel (perfect for a super-gentle exfoliation, too!). And then to the items that have stolen the show – the moisturisers.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s super important to keep your skin hydrated. If you do, you’ll appear less tired, prevent breakouts and you’ll also be creating a perfect base for your make-up. Both the Hydro Boost Gel Cream and the Hydro Boost Water Gel do just that. The water gel is formulated with a unique Hyaluronic Gel Matrix (bear with me, I know that sounds like jargon), which in layman’s terms, means that it works to slowly release moisture throughout the whole day, and not just all at once. If, like me, you find the office air con batters your skin or that the pollution of the city leaves your skin desperate for some TLC at the end of the day, this is the perfect one-stop solution.

How do you bounce back? From small set-backs to major bumps in the road, I’d love to know how you get yourself back into the swing of things. Whilst it can’t solve all problems, a pamper can certainly work wonders, so make sure you pick up some of the new Neutrogena Hydro Boost range ASAP and start treating your skin.

This post was sponsored by Neutrogena, but everything you’ve seen and read above are of my own creation.

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  1. I love this brand so much ! They always have great products and your photos look amazing !



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