New Season Jumper Picks

There are many things that I dread about winter rolling in. Waking up in the dark, going home in the dark, cold feet, cold noses, wearing coats that attract fluff, the general air of misery. But there are also many things that I love. Orange hot chocolate, wearing blankets as capes, Christmas fever, scarves, not sweating like a thief in a diamond shop, and of course, knitwear.

I am a girl that would live in oversized knits if I could. Whether I'm dressing up or keeping it casual, I always feel most comfortable in knitwear. What better way to share this then, than to list some of my top new season jumper picks and let you pick up a few goodies for yourself? Don't say I never do anything for you. Get shopping my lovelies (and don't be afraid to size up if you want a looser, oversized fit!).

Jumper - H&M
Jeans - Nudie
Belt - YSL*
Boots - Zara
Earrings - H&M







  1. I live in a country where it's hot all year round, but I'm heading out to Korea in a couple of weeks and it's cold there, so I can't wait to bring out my jumpers and boots. x

  2. What a babe! You can't beat a big snuggly jumper with some on trend flare! <3 xxx

  3. I can't wait to stock up on jumpers! This one is gorgeous xx

    LUCY |

  4. This looks so comfy! X

  5. This knit is so gorgeous, the oversized is fab x

    Dana |

  6. Oh you look so lovely in grey! That jumper looks so cozy too. I love jumper season!

    Love, Kerstin

  7. You look super cute and cosy ! love the jeans !


  8. This jumper, those earrings, your hair...LOVE it! xx


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