My Favourite Gingham Pieces To Shop Now

I honestly didn’t think gingham was going to be as huge as it is now. I mean, I’m hardly a fashion forecaster (unless you call checking the New In page of Zara fashion forecasting), but after indulging in a little gingham during autumn last year, I really thought the novelty of the print would wear off. Oh, how wrong I was. Gingham has returned with a vengeance, and now you cant breathe for the amount of different shapes, fits and colours it’s popping up in. Best of all, it’s popularity has peaked just in time for spring, meaning we can pull on our midi skirts or rock a bare shoulder whilst, of course, still freezing half to death (it is the UK, after all), but not feeling quite so silly whilst doing so.

I was going to write a lengthy tips post on how to manage full-time or part-time employment with blogging, but I thought, it’s Monday, I’m sleepy, I, myself, am feeling shoppy, so why not round up the best new season gingham pieces on the market so we can all indulge in a little spend? (The time management post will come, though!) These super-comfy and super-versatile New Look trousers are sadly sold out, but panic yet not, I’ve linked a tonne of alternatives so there will definitely be something that satisfies your gingham craving, and these Topshop babes are basically an exact dupe!

Blazer - Topshop (sold out, Topshop alternative here)
Tee - ASOS
Trousers - New Look* (sold out - Topshop dupes here)
Bag - Mango
Shoes - Zara (Topshop alternative)


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  1. These pants look so comfy! I am obsessed with Gingham for the new season <3 xx

  2. I love the look of these pants! X

  3. have been loving gingham this past month! Love your trousers too, and especially the lost ink jumpsuit on your shop now edit

    Laura | xx

  4. In the past 2 months my wardrobe has just become a sea of gingham! I need to stop but all of these picks are too fabulous to resist! Love the photos gal x

    Written by Tasmine | UK Style Blog

  5. Gorgeous look lovely! I am so obsessed with gingham lately. You look stunning as per!
    Jen, Velvet Spring. xo

  6. I've been wearing gingham trousers for about 3 years now and all of a sudden it's trendy :P one of the few times I've been in fashion ahead of time

  7. This is such a killer outfit, probably one of my fav over here, it's cool, sassy and classic chic at the same time. And your hair looks amazing <333

  8. I'm seriously obsessing over gingham right now, love these pieces you've picked! Those trousers look great on you x

  9. I'm loving the gingham trend at the moment, love the pieces you've shared! The trousers are lovely and i'm really loving that bag! x



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