The Busy Girl’s Guide to The Grown Up Midi-Skirt

Happy Friday kwayns! Welcome back to another edition of ‘The Busy Girl’s Guide To…’. This week, we’re tackling the grown-up midi. It’s not pink, it’s not glittery, and it’s 100% wearable from the office to the dinner date.

I’ve gone from owning a total of zero midi skirts to having four lined up in a row, all in the space of about two months. Whether it’s spending time with Hannah Gale, the queen of the midi, or having to dress for what is my ever-expanding waistline (the bad thing about moving out is frequently shopping for your own freezer and seeing all of the Ben and Jerry's flavours on offer, ffs), something has clicked in me and the midi skirt has become one of my wardrobe staples.

Skirt - Stradivarius
Shoes - ASOS

When it comes to midi skirts, however, I’m not one for plissé or a metallic (FYI this is because I 100% cannot pull them off, not because I think they are crap). Instead, I basically want a midi skirt that emulates a pair of trousers, but still makes me feel dressed up and a bit more like I have my shit together. Rather than a floral statement (like this lovely number I recently wore from River Island), the grown up midi is versatile and reworkable - it’s going to live in your wardrobe for years without going off trend or being too much of a statement to wear five days in a row.

Now I know my Instagram feed might have been throwing you off somewhat lately, but the truth remains that I am through and through a neutral girl; give me your black, your whites, your denims and your woven fabrics and I’m happy. This is still very much the case for my burgeoning midi skirt collection - glancing over at my rail now, the palette is hardly going to ignite a fire within your heart, BUT, each item is going to be in it for the long haul.

If this little white number is ringing some bells, then you might recognise its sister from this outfit I posted back in March. I originally bagged this skirt in tan during a mini-break to Amsterdam, and loving the fit and structured feel, I couldn’t stop my shop-happy hands when the white version became available online. It’s been sitting on my rack for a while thanks to the unsurprisingly dreary weather, but now the sun is shining and it’s finally starting to feel like summer, I’m 100% ready to be sporting all white and living like an extension of the Santorini skyline.

Admittedly, all white is a slightly terrifying prospect for those of us who are partial to Thursday night St. Tropez trips *cough*tans*cough*, but when worn with caution and broken up with neutral-toned accessories, block blanc can be surprisingly wearable.

So the challenge is this - if you’re a seasoned trouser wearer or a die-hard for denim, opt for a grown-up midi and give your legs some breathing space for a day. You’ll be surprised at how comfortable it can be.

And, as always, shop the best that the high-street has to offer for the grown up midi skirt below, and I will see you next Friday for another edition of ‘The Busy Girl’s Guide To…’!


  1. This is such a cute look! Love it. X

  2. You look so beautiful! I definitely love the skirt vibes, gonna go try find one that suits me!

  3. I'd love to wear this type of skirt but it couldn't look good on me, sadly. Love your selection, those friday posts are very on point !

  4. Loving this series babe - your sass and those sunnies <3 xx


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