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Hi! Welcome to The Little Plum. TLP is a fashion and lifestyle blog that has its origins wayyyy back in my later teenage years, when I had the biggest, blondest hair you've ever seen and a penchant for very chunky wedged heels. It's gone through a few makeovers and name changes along the way, but The Little Plum has become a online destination for all things relevant to sassy 20-somethings who want to eat, drink and buy nice things. With posts ranging from personal style to travel, feminism, and embarrassing stories, I talk about pretty much anything and everything that goes on in my life, always maintaining a nod to my love of fashion. I love hearing stories and opinions from you guys and gals, so if you want to get in touch, you can email me at @chloeplumstead or find me on all of my social accounts, linked in the top right. Happy viewing!


  1. Hahaha, loved your blogger introduction - not standard at all, if you ask me.

    I have size 2 feet too and it's nearly impossible to find a pair that looks good without my feet slipping out of them with every step!

    Oh, and The Office rules!


  2. AW I have size 2 feet too! I need to grow mine.
    loving your instagram and blog x


  3. What camera do you use for your pics and do you always use a camera or do you use your phone too. Lovely pics xx

  4. Really cool. I think we would like to produce some content about your blog on our news channel Oozy News www.oozynews.com/
    Would that be ok?


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